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By November 18, 2020Calendar

December 2020 Calendar of Events PDF

Event Descriptions:

Underdog Mentality with Tyler Monk: A series happening every other Tuesday that’s about passion, purpose, and success.
Virtual Platforms: Zoom & Google Meet: Learn how to use both zoom and google meet.
Job Sectors with Next: Learn about the 4-job sector that Next works with (Manufacturing, Technology, Healthcare and Construction).
Resume Building: Learn about how to make & improve your resume for your next job application.
Government Services with Temple Lentz: Learn from Temple Lentz as we discuss local government, voting and more!
Learn with Linkedin: Learn the importance of Linkedin and how to make/ improve on your own account.
Finding Your Next Job: Learn some tips and tricks on how to apply to jobs online!
Dealing with Stress: Anger can sometimes get the best of us. Let’s talk about ways to deal with the stress of life.
How to Market Yourself: Learn how to put yourself out there, especially in a world of technology and advertisement
Mock Interview: Schedule a practice interview with industry professionals to learn how you do in this environment.
Construction Panel: Is Construction right for you? Learn from a panel of industry experts on their experience.
Teamwork makes the Dream Work: Learn how to be apart/ develop a team.
Build Your Resume: Certification Options: Let’s beef up your resume. Learn how certifications can do so.
Respect in the Workplace: What is being respectful in the workplace look like? Let’s talk about that.
Virtual College Tour: From the comfort of your own couch let’s see which college might be best for you!
Virtual Platforms: Learn more about social media platforms (note: open topic. This is not solely dedicated to socials).
Financial Literacy: An open discussion on money, credit, savings and more.
Healthcare Panel: learn from industry professionals to find out if the Healthcare industry is right for you.

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