Let’s get you set for success.


We can help with your education and career.


  • Get your high school diploma or explore alternative options to complete your education.
  • Explore options for high school or college tuition assistance, as well as FAFSA assistance.
  • Connect direct with local colleges and universities, including Clark College, Lower Columbia College and Washington State University.


  • Check out our events page for interview and career mentorship events.
  • Register for apprenticeship and plan this path with a mentor.
  • Attend our Next Workforce class.
  • Land a paid internship in manufacturing, healthcare, construction or technology.

Job Corps

  • Connect to Job Corps—the largest FREE education and job training program for young adults.


  • Have a healthy meal or a snack.
  • Freshen up with a shower.
  • Check out our events page for classes being offered on creating a healthy lifestyle.


  • Join our Next Leadership Council.
  • Attend a Next Committee meeting.


  • Not sure what your next step is? Stop by and we’ll help you plan your pathway.
  • Need a safe, quiet space to work? We have that too!

Interested in learning more and connecting with our team?

Attend an online orientation at 4 p.m. on Thursdays!
Register with Hannah at hannah.l@nextsuccess.org.


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