Shared Experiences: Next Team Shares Resources at Community Youth Summit

By August 18, 2022Uncategorized
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Next Talent Development Specialists tabling at community Youth Summit.

The Next Team had a great day Tuesday sharing our resources with the community at the Youth Summit hosted by the Healthy Transitions Program (at Columbia River Mental Health Services), FYSPRT and Amerigroup. Here are their experiences:

“I thought the event was a great opportunity to get our name out there and to connect with both young adults and partners in the community. There were so many individuals who were interested in our services, or they were interested in connecting their young adults with our services. The event felt like a community coming together with one goal; to help individuals find support and success no matter what their circumstances.”

-Sammee, Talent Development Specialist @Next


“The event was very resourceful and connecting. Those attending come from all backgrounds and all ages, eager to know what Next and other programs can offer in assistance. We networked and exchanged information with other programs that are willing to expose their participants to our program, as we would vice versa. A lot of our flyers and cards were collected, and information about Next upcoming events was shared with participants as well as other programs serving the community.”

-Gemma, Talent Development Specialist @Next 


“The August Youth Summit at River City Church was a great success, not just for us but for our community partners and Vancouver youth. It was amazing to see all the organizations together offering services to our local youth community.”

-Dawn, Business Support Specialist @Next

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